We are activists

We are not spectators, but drivers of new ideas. We are creative minds ourselves and actively seek them out, establishing trends and the basis for cooperations with our partners. Full of energy and with a positive mindset, we head into a future that we helped to design. 


The future lies in working together

If you feel at home in two cultures like Mathias Braun, you understand how lifestyle and trends reinforce one another. The sunny disposition of northern Italy meets the single-mindedness of Swabia to create a textile soul that combines elegant aesthetics with technical sophistication. Only those who take the time to make space can be at the forefront of material development.


Corporate Behaviour


Together we create

The collective is what drives us, which is why we have an open ear for the specialists in our industry and for the demands that come our way. We focus on densification and materialisation. And from there comes the innovation that determines the future. 


Digital DNA

Digital is the magic word that makes new things possible. It crosses borders and interweaves with cultures. Digital changes simplify sharing and implementing ideas and technical updates. We carry them with us. As part of our DNA.



In change lies the responsibility to ask the right questions, to question cycles and to think anew. Change is the ability to assess performance from more than one perspective, to deal honestly and transparently with knowledge and people.



The courage to leave the comfort of your own four walls and go out into the world sharpens perception. It is needed to put our visions on the table and to entertain the thoughts of others. This is the culture that shapes our company and ignites our love of the unknown.


embracing diversity

be who you are


Alexander Gächter
Alexander Gächter, Sales Specialist
Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachricht.

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