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In search of new inspiration and innovation, we are always open to new ideas, looking at a wide range of disciplines and fields to gain insights for our market. We approach progress with an open mind, using it to develop products that point the way to the future. 


What drives the world? What is in store for us? Only by actively engaging in the dialogue and the journey can we identify which trends and drivers are at work. We do not only want to recognise them, but actively shape them.


Change as an opportunity means learning, adapting and growing. The natural course of things makes us faster, more interwoven and more direct in many ways. In the office, out in the world and when it comes to the products.


Inspiration does not only come from one’s own industry or culture. Looking beyond one’s own horizon is often the clue to developing innovations and ideas. No matter how crazy, how big or how small the ideas may be, having the courage to dream sets our world alight.

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