Abrasion resistant fabrics

Abrasion-resistant fabrics from our own HEROX® brand are particularly suitable for inserts and reinforcements. A mix of special yarns, different processing technologies and further finishing creates functional fabrics with exceptional abrasion resistance (Martindale > 100,000 abrasion cycles) and a high stretch. They can also be produced as two- or three-layer fabrics.


Comfortable to wear for the highest standards

Different colors and structures (such as 3D) are possible when designing the abrasion-resistant fabrics. A special feature is the two-bath dyeing that can be applied to the fabrics.


Thanks to their high abrasion resistance and the possibility of using fluorescent colors, they are particularly suitable for workwear. 


In addition, we offer a world first in this category with ultra-light functional fabrics. The fabrics with one, two or three layers, are not only very light (40 gr/m2), but have an exceptionally high abrasion resistance (Martindale > 50,000 abrasion cycles).




abrasion resistant



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