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Our fabrics are successful in the sports industry due to their lightweight materials and multiple functions.

Our fabrics convince in the sports industry due to their lightweight and multiple functions. Functional fabrics ensure that athletes with high standards receive best protection from external influences while practicing both leisure and professional sports. The breathable fabrics offer protection during the winter months against cold, wet and windy conditions, and come with warming properties. During the warmer seasons, lightweight and breathable fabrics have feel cooling that is beneficial for the skin, while still offering protection against wind and rain.

Our fabrics have a unique, distinctive touch and offer a comfortable and natural feeling in all types of sports and training conditions. Here, the fashionable look and the functionality of our sports fabrics are given: Even the thinnest and lightest fabrics in our range can be printed and offer unlimited design possibilities for functional apparel.


Movement and stylish designs

The breathable fabrics for functional apparel siute the needs and requirements of the athlete. Lightweight, ultra-thin functional fabrics that are comfortable to wear to reinforced fabrics with a high level of abrasion resistance, are particularly suitable for high-quality sportswear. They are also available with stretch and provide a high level of movement.

Our sportswear fabrics are thermoregulating, ultra-light, windproof, waterproof, downproof and breathable, as desired. They take up as little space as possible when packed. The moisture-dispersing materials ensure that the skin remains pleasantly dry and at a comfortable temperature, even during a sweaty workout. High quality fleece, both hardshell and softshell, can be used during training in cool weather to pleasantly warm the body. Our downproof materials, which are suitable for very light and high-quality down jackets, are especially popular. Elastic stretch fabrics create a perfect fit. The stretch elements in our functional fabrics allow us to produce tight-fitting sportswear, such as sport shirts, that are not only convenient, but also provide a natural range of motion. The functional fabrics are therefore well suited for outdoor clothing.

Stylish prints as well as different colours and effects set fashion trends while sports. The possibilities are unlimited: dull or shiny, fluorescent colors, iridescent effects, matching tones, vintage, plain or with structure. A large assortment of fabrics can be touched off with high-quality prints using the most modern printing technology. Well known manufacturers and brands rely on our textile expertise and create unique clothing with individual designs and collections.

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Functional fabrics for sports and lifestyle clothing

We specialise in developing and producing new functional materials and high-tech materials for sports and lifestyle clothing with passion, curiosity and initiative. We offer our extensive textile expertise in the development process of new fabrics and products. We work with modern machines, the latest production technologies and a wealth of ideas to continually satisfy well-known sports labels, fashion labels and global premium brands. Partners at home and abroad make successful use of our high-quality products.



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Super Lightweights

Super Lightweights

Super Lightweights are very light, downproof and water-resistant fabrics, which are used for outdoor clothing, sportswear and active fashion. They are the lightest clothing fabrics on the market (25 grams/m2). Despite their low weight, these delicate fabrics have many functions: They are downproof, windproof, water-resistant and breathable. Super Lightweights can be produced with two or three layers upon request. This adds additional functions, such as waterproofing.

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