A look into the future – upcycling at Dyntex

Our goal is to protect the environment and do our part to ensure a better future. We are now a significant step closer to accomplishing this aim. How did we achieve this? By using polyamide. Though this may not sound like much of an innovation at first, it is distinctly cutting-edge when we take a closer look at a world-first manufacturing process. Thanks to a thermochemical process, polyamide can now be obtained from old car tyres. A pyrolysis oil is collected in the first step, from which a new raw material can subsequently be produced – a polyamide polymer. Together with specialists from Japan and Italy, we have succeeded in processing this into high-tech functional materials that combine numerous positive properties.
They are water-repellent, breathable and free of fluorocarbon – and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Weighing only 36 g/m2, they are classified as ultralight fabrics. It is important to know that our upcycled fabrics have the same high quality as new products.
This new form of post-consumer recycling enables us to conserve valuable raw materials and contribute to the circular economy, thus helping to preserve our environment.

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